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A Shameful Act!

[photo from news,views and analysis]

It is Delhi’s turn to fall prey to the brutal designs of Terrorists. Over 60 people killed in triple blasts on Diwali Eve. Desipundit has more links. Our hearts go out to the families of those who died. Over a hundred have been injured. See this story about an alert driver saving many lives in a Delhi-bus. He is now at AIIMS and hopefully on a path to recovery.


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Hmm, it is very difficult to take sides in Indian Politics!..Nobody is right.

Though I would have never bought the argument that there were no personal motives behind Jaya’s govt filing cases against the Kanchi seer, I expected that a fair trial would continue. But..here comes confirmation that all is not well with the way TN govt has handled the case. The seer had appealed for transfer of the case to some place outside TN and the SC agreed to it. Here are the reports from Express,Outlook ,Sify. All of them are extremely short reports that divulge very little. For ex, did the SC bench comprising the Chief Justice RC Lahoti cite reasons for this verdict ???. As expected, VHP is up in arms. And the media largely seems to have given the story a miss. I must confess that I noticed this only after I saw a bunch of letters in today’s Hindu. Given that the Media gave extensive coverage to the initial filing of cases phase, it isn’t fair to deny publicity to this judgement. Anybody has a more detailed post on this???

update 1 : I did find a couple of detailed posts on this. here and here . I guess both the blogs belong to the same author. The latter one is named “prajatantrasupplementary”..makes me curious.. this person might be working in the Parliament ?? 😕

update 2 : Frontline has an article on the issue. It is better that the articles that I quoted in my post.

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Rain.. Rain and more Rain

The image is take from Rediff’s slide show (This is T.Nagar on Wed)

This image is taken from Hindu’s front page. (Anna Salai- Peters Road junction on Thursday)

The rains have just stopped, after belting down relentlessly for about 30 hrs. This must easily rank amongst the most rainy days for Chennai in recent times.(21 cm in a period of 5 hrs and total of 27cm in 24hrs). Luckily, I did not have to go out of my Hostel Room for most of the time. But, I can only imagine the hardship that office/school goers would have faced with the usual Chennai water-logging. The cyclone, which was initially predicted to cross the coast near Chennai, has now moved further North and crossed the coast nead Ongole (AP).

update : I have added the Mount Road pic,

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VIP Squatters

`What is Buta Singh doing here [Delhi]? throw him out, a Governor cannot have a house here

Well…This isn’t Mr.Nitish Kumar , it is the Supreme Court of India! Though the choice of words might be debatable, the SC judge did the right thing by spanking the Govt for its inability to evict Past-Ministers. From the list mentioned in the Hindu article, it is clear that politicians across party lines have failed to follow the very laws that they enacted. Today’s Hindu editorial is on this issue. The letters to editor section of the paper has been largely dominated by this issue for 2 days. Look here , here and here. Nobody is happy.. that is for sure!

Both, the increased irritability of the SC and the PIL culture have gone a long way in keeping a check on the Govt. But, in times when it is fashionable for the Prime Minister to accept responsibility for an unconstitutional act and still act like a statue (for heavens sake.. what are Buta/Patel doing in their posts ?? They must have gone the day after SC made its observations), I wonder if these strongly worded statements from the SC will have any effect on our beloved politicians. NOTHING seems to embarrass them…(Go see laloo calling the “unconstitutional” verdict, a victory … phew!)

update: The letters to editor section is still dominated by this issue!..added the third link.

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Quake Relief Day for bloggers

The human tragedy caused by the Kashmir Earthquake is enormous. Given the difficult terrain and the
impending winter, the homeless have a torrid time ahead. Each of us can contribute to making their struggle to get back to normal life, a little easier. If you want to make a monetary contribution to the thousands affected in Pakistan/Muzzaffarabad, go here. You could also contribute to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. For a more elaborate list of agencies collecting money for helping the victims, visit the Wikipedia Page for the Quake or the Desipundit page.

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The 12th edition of the Scian Melt will be hosted right here (on Nov 1)! You are welcome to nominate any post that relates to Science/India. Send in ur nominations to baswin [at] gmail.com or melt [at] thescian.com. Try to nominate posts that have not been covered by Desipundit. So, start looking for those Scientific Indians ..!
People willing to host a subsequent edition of the melt must contact Selva.

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[via Astro Blog ]
Close on the heels of the International Year of Physics, we could possibly have the International Year of Astronomy, to mark the 400th anniversary of the use of an astronomical telescope(ofcourse, by Galileo). This would require the approval of the UN General Assembly. The Royal Astronomical Society and the International Astronomical Union have made their proposals to this effect.
I have also added a list of very good Astro-related blogs to my blogroll. At the minimum, you can be assured of stunning pictures, on a regular basis, from these blogs. And they will also keep you posted on the latest in the world of Astronomy. BadAstronomy is a personal favorite of mine. Happy surfing!

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