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Err… Another unintended break from the blogosphere. I was caught in the floods and had to vacate my house. My travel plans went a bit awry. No time for a detailed post on any issue. So here is a bunch of links! ..

The Einstein year is coming to an end! Its 100 years since he published his four papers and his results still hold!

And there some controversy over this year’s Physics Nobel! “Elusive Recognition” for Prof. Sudarshan, says Ramachandran. And here is the letter by Prof. Sudarshan to the Nobel Commitee.

The longest comment known in the Indian Blogospere by Chetan is quite a read. Have lots of free time before you head there. U might also want to look at parallel discussions that have cropped up. More links and a similar discussion at Desipundit.

Rajdeep Sardesai has a blog! And here is the first post. I guess his channel is not available in Chennai to start with. And when it finally reaches Chennai, I just hope that it does not fall in the Set-Top Box (aka ‘Paid Channel’) category. That would mean that I will have to miss it!

I was extremely surprised at this fanatical reaction (from the CM of Bengal) to Sourav’s exclusion from Team India. Calling it an insult to Bengalis is the height of callousness. I wonder how different this is (in intent) from the trash that Togadia dishes out occasionally. Though I agree that Sourav could have been treated better, I certainly dont believe that he deserves a place in the Test XI.. Yuvraj is the man for the job.

AG Noorani has an article on free speach, in the light of the Kushboo episode. And Uma has a link to an article by KC Lakshmi on the same issue. I had a post on this, sometime back.


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