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CMI Fest

The Chennai Mathematical Institute is moving to its new campus and they are having a “Math Mela” to commemorate this. Some eminent mathematicians from across the world are coming to Chennai and will be delivering lectures at CMI. Amongst the Mathematicians, some of the names that I could recognise were Robert Langlands , Manjul Bharghava, MS Narasimhan. There are a few talks by physicists too. (eg, Padmanabhan, Arvind) . Ofcourse, most of the talks are technical in nature. The talks by Physicists clash with my labs ..argh!
In a related note, Robert Langlands has been conferred with an honorary doctorate by the University of Madras.


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At t

A quote from the Russian mathematician V. I. Arnol’d:

It is almost impossible for me to read contemporary mathematicians who,
instead of saying “Petya washed his hands,” write simply: “There is a
$t_1<0$ such that the image of $t_1$ under the natural mapping

$t_1 \mapsto {\rm Petya}(t_1)$ belongs to the set of dirty hands, and a
$t_1<t_2 \leq 0$, such that the image of $t_2$ under the
above-mentioned mapping belongs to the complement of the set defined in the
preceding sentence.”

I got this from here.

I thought of taking a 3-4 day break from blogging for this.. but the break extended far beyond the exam!

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