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Blog halted…

Now that I have decided to stick with blogger, experimentation with the wordpress blog comes to a close! If anyone has a subscription this feed, edit your reader to fetch my blogger feed. Thanks!


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So, after pondering over a switch to wordpress, I have decided(firmly) to stick with blogger.

  • One of the major attractions of wordpress.com was the new Regulus template. To counter this, I decided to look for a nice theme for my blogger site. But, no single readily avalible theme satisfied me.
  • But, that blogger “rounders” theme was real boring.. i simply had to get a new theme!
  • So, here is a modified version of Andreas02 (taken from oswd) The original one was designed for a personal/company website. I had to redo the css to make it work for blogger. I have been careful not to goof while re-writing the css. But, one problem that persists is that all images included in my posts insist on being left-aligned. But, this problem must wait… I have no patience to correct it now!

Comments/Cribs on the new theme are welcome!!

Now, if any google person is reading this …

  • I badly want categories. This is too old a concept to be missing in the market-leader’s scheme of things.

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Side Bar Updated

I have updated my side bar at blogger!

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People would have gone through this..

Do I ditch blogger for wordpress?? I dont mean a dedicated hosting… I would happily switch to wordpress if I had a full-fledged hosting plan. It is a shift from http://neosagredo.blogspot.com to https://aswin.wordpress.com that I am contemplating. A much cleaner interface for blogging, great looks (of this particular template), categories,trackbacks etc are some of the advantages with wordpress. But, the flip side is that you get very little freedom to tamper with your template! It would be great if they could just allow me to change the css file, a little bit. Also, The default “blog stats” are extremely primitive and do not go beyond pageloads and referrals. Inspite of this, I have moved my content here. I am just playing around with the interface. I will continue to post stuff at my blogger site(and all comments go there). If I do change, it would be my second shift in less that 4 months! (the first time)

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Happy New Year

I hope U have a great 2006!
As a New Year Gift, here is a link to a wonderful short story (“Fire Stones”) that appeared in the Hindu’s magazine. It is taken from the collection published under the name “Higher Ground“. All stories are based on the devastating Tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean in Dec’04. I read another story (“Spirit of Uncle Vijay”) from the same collection in Outlook’s annual speacial.

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Fingers Crossed!

Well.. It has started raining and cyclone “Baaz” is expected to cross the coast in the next 24 hrs.
I have a train to catch on the evening of Saturday. I just hope that the rains don’t force delay/cancellation of the train.

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A Shameful Act!

[photo from news,views and analysis]

It is Delhi’s turn to fall prey to the brutal designs of Terrorists. Over 60 people killed in triple blasts on Diwali Eve. Desipundit has more links. Our hearts go out to the families of those who died. Over a hundred have been injured. See this story about an alert driver saving many lives in a Delhi-bus. He is now at AIIMS and hopefully on a path to recovery.

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