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Testing Mathml

3  The Background Cosmology

We assume isotropy and homogeneity for the backgrond cosmology. Einstein's Equations are assumed to be true with a non-zero cosmological constant . The metric for the background cosmology is taken to be of the form (Standard Notation is used)

ds2 = dt2 -a(t )2 δμν dxμ dxν (1)

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At t

A quote from the Russian mathematician V. I. Arnol’d:

It is almost impossible for me to read contemporary mathematicians who,
instead of saying “Petya washed his hands,” write simply: “There is a
$t_1<0$ such that the image of $t_1$ under the natural mapping

$t_1 \mapsto {\rm Petya}(t_1)$ belongs to the set of dirty hands, and a
$t_1<t_2 \leq 0$, such that the image of $t_2$ under the
above-mentioned mapping belongs to the complement of the set defined in the
preceding sentence.”

I got this from here.

I thought of taking a 3-4 day break from blogging for this.. but the break extended far beyond the exam!

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All Political Parties are up in arms, chiding the Supreme court for its ruling on this issue. Though this is not the first time that the political spectrum has risen against the Supreme Court.. this problem has some nuances. The Supreme court seems to have taken a position with only “independence” of private institutions taken into consideration. A clarification from the center, assuring pple that a new legislation is on the offing has calmed down things a little. Reservation in educational institutions is necessary as that is the only way to give oppurtunities to the many who deserve it. (Do u go on with private companies too??.. that is a bigger issue.. ) My motive here is to highlight two issues…

Though the court asked for some regulation from the govt to ensure that ‘merit’ and not money wins the game.. this is unlikely to work. Atleast in TN, the business of govt regulating admission fees, insistence on admission tests etc. has turned into a big joke. To most of these managements, running colleges has become an instrument of money making and they go to any limits to achieve this. Even if you ask the student to pay the entire expenses.. there is no way that the amount could spiral to the exorbitant rates that these managements charge. (Last heard… a medical seat was sold for 20 lakh in a popular college and eng seats go for 2-7 lakhs) Even assuming that the reservation bill gets passed, regulating (read as ‘driving sense into’) the managements of these colleges would remain a big problem.

The other is with the question of how you look at ‘merit’. This is tricky. The few who get into good colleges (say IITs).. do not do so because of sheer ability. The fact that we had parents who could afford a city life/costly coaching classes are greater factors. I don’t see anybody denying this. Though this is far from a equal platform, the IITs stick to this method as they can afford to tailor their programmes to meet the needs of students who already have a good exposure to the fundamentals. Lack of access to good teachers/books makes a student from rural background disadvantaged. The students who get through the reservations may find it tough competing with pple from more affluent backgrounds. At the level of a college, it is probably very tough to bridge this gap. Though it is important to stick to some reservations at these levels… this is no solution. Upgrading facilities and quality at much lower levels of education(where the govt. dominates in terms of reach) is the only permanant way out. Reservations at higher levels are only temperory solutions, but very important nevertheless.

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